Frequently Asked Questions About Hand Wipes

If you are thinking about adding hand wipes to your office or business environment, you may have some questions about whether this is a smart choice or not and about how to go through the process of actually getting the hand wipes into your office and getting your employees to use them.  To help you to make an informed choice about the use of hand wipes in an office environment, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about hand wipes.


1. Won’t it cost my company money to make hand wipes available?

While there is a small expense for the purchase of hand wipes, they can be purchased in bulk at a very reasonable cost. This purchase can easily pay for itself for many different reasons. First, the wipes will cut down on employees getting sick so you can reduce the number of sick days in your office and increase productivity. Second, employees won’t have to take the time to go and wash their hands when they are soiled, which means that employees can actually be more productive and get more done while they are at work. Third, making hand wipes available helps your employees to see that you care bout them. This can boost morale and also work to increase employee productivity.

2. What are the benefits of providing hand wipes in my office?

Making hand wipes available makes it easier for employees and customers to clean their hands.  Since most germs are spread on the hands, you can reduce the risk of bacteria or viruses in your office environment. A healthier workforce is a major benefit to employers. You can also keep customers and employees happy by making hand wipes available that they can use. They will appreciate the effort that you made towards taking care of their health.

3. Why is using hand wipes better than washing your hands?

Most people do not follow the recommendations for washing their hands, using soap and then lathering up for at least 30 seconds. Instead, a lot of people will do a quick squirt of soap on the hands and then just run them under water for a few seconds. This does not necessarily result in bacteria and viruses being removed from the hands. Hand wipes make it much easier to get your hands really clean so you don’t have to worry as much about what germs and dirt are on the hands.

4. How can I encourage the use of hand wipes?

Once you have installed hand wipes in your office, you want to make sure people are actually using them. The best way to do that is to make it very easy for the products to be used. Have hand wipes available in a dispenser so that employees can grab them quickly and easily. In fact, you may wish to put several dispensers through the office, especially in key areas like the kitchen where people should wipe their hands down before eating. The more easily available and accessible hand wipes are, the greater the chance they will be used and appreciated.