How to Get Your Customers to Use Gym Wipes


Gym wipes are a great investment for a gym owner and a great purchase for someone who is in charge of managing or operating a gym. Such wipes make it much easier for a gym to be kept clean, for machines to be safe to use, and for customers to be kept happy. When wipes specifically made for gyms are made available, machines can actually be cleaned periodically throughout the day by the customers who are using the equipment.  This allows you to ensure that your gym is always looking good and that your equipment is ready to use.

If you are providing gym wipes, however, this alone may not be enough to get all of the benefits associated with their use. In order for gym wipes to be useful in keeping the machines safe and the gym clean, the bulk of your customers will actually need to be able to use the wipes regularly and will need to be interested in doing so. So what can you do to make this the norm at your gym?

How to Get Your Customers to Use Gym Wipes

Getting your customers to use gym wipes should be a simple proposition because the use of the wipes will benefit them significantly.  However, if you do not take the right steps, your customers may find it more difficult than it is worth to make use of the gym wipes or your customers may simply be unaware that the wipes are available to them.

To help encourage your customers to use sanitizing wipes, there are a variety of different things that you should consider doing:

• Have ample wipes available and conveniently located. People are not going to want to have to walk half way across the gym in order to pick up a gym wipe and wipe down a machine that they have used. You need to make sure that the gym wipes are readily available at various locations throughout your gym where equipment would need to be wiped off or where wipes would otherwise be necessary. The closer the wipes are to the machines and the easier it is for customers to grab one, the more likely it is that gym wipes will be used regularly by the patrons who frequent your gym.
• Make sure the wipes are easily accessible. People want to just be able to grab a wipe, wipe down the machine and move on. They do not want to have to spend time opening complicated packaging or struggling to get a wipe out. As such, you need to make sure that the wipes are in a dispenser that works well and that your customers can grab quickly.
• Post reminders. A simple sign reminding people to wipe down machines can be an effective way to increase the number of people who use gym wipes. Customers shouldn’t mind the reminder because a cleaner space benefits everyone.  Putting the wipes in a central location where patrons can see them will also serve as a simple reminder that the wipes are there, available and ready to be used.

By following these simple tips, you should be able to easily get most of the patrons in your gym to make proper use of the wipes that you provide.