Encouraging New Gym-Goers to Make Use of Gym Wipes

Many people make New Years resolutions to get in shape, which can prompt some to join a gym even if they have never worked out before or have not been regular gym members. If you own or operate a gym, the people who flood in after the new year provide a great source of new business and hopefully at least some of the individuals who start coming for the first time will enjoy the gym and become regular members even after the glow of the New Year and the hope of achieving a resolution have passed.

With new members, however, comes the need to make sure that the gym is well taken care of and that the new gym members follow the customs and conventions of your gym.  One of the things that you may have in your gym is gym wipes, and it may be accepted practice among those who work out there regularly that people use the gym wipes to avoid spreading germs and making others sick.

When you get a flood of new members to the gym who may not be aware that they need to use gym wipes, or who may not really know how to use gym wipes to stay safe and keep themselves and others from falling ill, it is important to ensure that you have made hand wipes as easily and readily accessible as possible. By being strategic with where you locate your gym wipes, new gym attendees will see them and will decide that using them makes sense.

Encouraging the use of Gym Wipes in Your Gym

To make sure that new members use gym wipes regularly while using your gym equipment to work out, it is a good idea to purchase the gym wipes in bulk. This allows you to put more wipes around the gym area so that they are near to where people are working out. When someone sees the gym wipes near to where they are doing their workout, this can prompt the individual to decide that using the wipes is a good idea. The wipes, in other words, are a reminder that can urge people to take the steps to use the wipes simply because they saw them.

Buying gym wipes in bulk also means that you can put the wipes in a variety of different spots throughout the gym. Someone may not want to walk a long distance around the gym area (especially new members who may not know their way around yet) just to grab a gym wipe. This means that if the gym wipes are too far away, then they may not get used at all. To avoid this problem, you can make sure that there are gym wipes readily accessible at various locations throughout the gym in large stacks or bulk dispensers.  

When you do your part to make gym wipes accessible and convenient for gym-goers to use, hopefully both new members of the gym and existing members will make the right choice and use the gym wipes to keep the space clean.


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