Where Should You Put Gym Wipes in Your Gym?


Having gym wipes available to patrons who use your gym is a smart business decision for a lot of reasons. Not only do you make it easier for your gym to be kept clean when you have wipes available but you can also make customers happy as they will be able to ensure for themselves that the equipment that they are using is freshly cleaned and wiped down.

When you decide to put gym wipes in your gym, you should order the wipes in bulk and you should locate the wipes throughout the entire gym space where the wipes are visible and easily accessible. This will allow patrons to see right away that the wipes are available for them to use.  People are more likely to use the gym wipes if the wipes are very conveniently located, and patrons are also more likely to have a positive feeling about the cleanliness of the gym space if they see that there are wipes around and accessible.

Where to Put Gym Wipes In Your Gym

While it is a good idea to have multiple locations where the wipes can be dispensed throughout the gym, you will still need to choose wisely in order to determine what locations the gym wipes should be placed at.

To determine where wipe dispensers should go in your gym space, you should watch carefully to observe people’s behavior. What machines tend to get used the most or tend to be the most likely to need to be wiped down with a gym wipe?  Are there any machines or areas in your gym that patrons have complained about in the past or that tend to be more dirty and in need of a cleaning than other equipment in the gym?  

Every gym environment is different, so the best way to know where to put the gym wipes you order is to observe your specific gym environment in order to see where people congregate and where gym wipes would be the most well-used.  This might include placing gym wipes by treadmills, rowing machines, cross trainers, waits or any other type of equipment that could have a tendency to get especially dirty as a result of getting lots of use.

The Importance of Accessible Wipes

Taking the time to observe your gym environment and make a strategic choice about where to put gym wipes is very useful. If your wipes are tucked to the corner where people are unable to easily see them, or if your wipes are in a location that is not convenient to the machines that the wipes are most likely to be used for, then the wipes are not going to be effective. Patrons might not use them or even know they are there.

Avoid this problem by taking the time to look around, understand how people use the gym and put the wipes in a place where a patron might only have to take a step or two before taking a wipe and cleaning off the machine to the desired level of cleanliness.  

Remember-a healthy gym is a gym that keeps patrons coming back. And keeps your business profitable.