Top Reasons to PUT Gym Wipes In Your Gym

Gym wipes are a functional and important addition to your gym space. If you own or manage a gym and you do not already have gym wipes in place in your facility, there are a lot of important reasons why adding these wipes should be a top priority of yours.

Reasons to Add Gym Wipes To Your Gym

Here are a few key reasons why adding gym wipes to your gym makes a lot of sense:

• Adding gym wipes to the gym can help to keep your clients happy with your facility.  Clients who go to a gym like to feel as if they are being provided with the amenities they need. Clients also want a clean space to work out and they want to feel as if the management of the gym cares about their needs. By providing gym wipes, clients can rest assured that you care about cleanliness. They can also take it into their own hands to clean the equipment they want to use, ensuring that the equipment is always ready for them at any time.
• Adding gym wipes to your gym helps to keep your clients healthy.  Germs can easily spread in a gym environment, especially during flu season or when patrons come to the gym with a cold.  Gym wipes allow for equipment to be wiped down more regularly, which can help to reduce the spread of illnesses that germs can cause.  Patrons will have less of a chance of getting sick, which is important because no one wants to come to the gym and fall ill.  You won’t have to worry as much about your visitors feeling as if they caught a cold at the gym when you have made gym wipes available for use.
• Adding gym wipes makes it easier to keep the space in your gym clean.  It is not practical to have someone out on the gym floor cleaning the equipment all the time, especially during the busiest times when the gym is crowded and a lot of clients are using the equipment.  When you make gym wipes available, you don’t have to worry about this issue because the people who want to use each machine can grab a wipe and wipe it down themselves. Your gym will stay much cleaner in between full cleanings, which helps to ensure that visitors have a positive experience.
• Gym wipes ensure equipment is always usable.  Gym wipes make it possible for people to wipe down equipment themselves so they can always use the equipment that they desire without worrying about whether it has been properly cleaned after the prior patron’s use.

These are a few of the key reasons why adding gym wipes just makes sense for most operators and owners of gym facilities. You should strongly consider adding wipes to various locations around the gym in easy-to-use dispensers or containers. This method of distributing wipes makes them easier for your patrons to use and maximizes the chances that the wipes will be well-used by guests.


Gym Wipes Make Your Gym The Hot Spot For New Years Workout Efforts

For many people, New Years Eve is a time to reflect on the year that has passed and to make resolutions regarding how to do better in the year that is to come. One of the most common and popular resolutions that people tend to make on New Years is that they are going to get in shape and go to the gym in the upcoming year.

When people make a resolution to get fit, there is a good chance that they will join a gym in order to do so.  You want that gym to be your gym, so you need to do everything you can to encourage people to come to your gym and to become a member.  This means making sure that your gym is clean and that it presents a welcoming environment for those who come to visit or who consider becoming a member.  One of the best ways to make sure that the gym is a clean space to be is to make clean wipes available to your patrons in an easy to access location.

Gym Wipes and New Gym Members

When people think about joining a gym as a result of their new year’s resolution, they may come to visit your gym for a tour or they may even consider coming for a trial membership or for a one-day trial on a day pass if your gym offers these type of accommodations. People who are shopping around for a gym are going to look for a lot of different features, but most people prioritize finding a gym that they feel is clean and that they feel will offer them the type of customer experience that they are looking for.

Keeping a gym clean at all times can be a challenge, especially when you have a lot of new gym members. Gym wipes, however, allow you to enlist the help of your patrons in keeping the gym clean. These wipes also empower those who are using the gym to take action for themselves and make sure that the machines they are using are clean and safe to use.

When you have gym wipes around, people who make use of the equipment are more likely to grab a wipe and wipe it down, especially if the gym wipes are in a very convenient location where they can be seen from most machines and where people do not have to walk very far in order to use.  As the equipment is wiped off, the equipment- and your gym- look cleaner.  Visitors who come to the gym will both see the clean equipment and will see the readily accessible wipes which will be attractive to them since they can see that you care about cleanliness and that you care about providing a good customer experience.

Ordering sanitizing wipes and placing them conveniently throughout the gym space can thus pay dividends in terms of capturing many new clients who have made a commitment to getting fit in the new year.

Gym Wipes Are Key To A Clean Gym

The gym is a place that can definitely get messy, especially as you have many different people working out at peak times and getting sweaty.  You don’t want to have the gym that you run be dirty or unsanitary, as you don’t want your members to be turned off by conditions or to get sick when they visit the gym.  This means that it is essential to look for solutions to keep your gym space clean.

Gym Wipes Provide a Top-Notch Solution for Keeping Gyms Clean

One option that you have when you run a gym and want to keep it clean is to employ regular cleaning staff.  This is a virtual necessity as you will need someone to come in and empty trashes, clean up dirt on floors and machines, clean the locker rooms, clean the bathroom and shower areas and otherwise ensure that conditions are sanitary.

However, your cleaning person will typically come in when the gym is closed in order to do a heavy-duty cleaning.  This is because people who are working out aren’t going to want cleaning people hovering around wiping down machines or otherwise taking care of serious cleaning tasks that require a lot of work.

This means that you need another solution during the day when your gym is being used by lots of customers and when cleaning staff is not around.  The best solution is to allow the customers in the gym to quickly and easily take steps to help keep the space clean.  You can do this by making gym wipes available at numerous locations throughout the gym area so they are very easy for people to access.

When you make gym wipes available, customers who are using the gym can grab one easily. The customer can then use the wipe to wipe down equipment that he has just finished with or to wipe off equipment that he is getting ready to use. The equipment will be wiped down and cleaned with the gym wipe many times per day, especially when it is being regularly used and there are lots of people in the gym. This means that it should never get that dirty and customers who want to use it will always be able to get it clean enough to do so.  Your cleaning person can do a deep clean, but the gym wipes will make it so that things never really become so dirty they cannot be used.

Customers typically appreciate having gym wipes available when they are working out because they can take control of protecting themselves from germs that may be found on machines. The more convenient you make gym wipes, the more likely it is that customers will use them and the more confident customers will be that they are working out at a clean gym that cares about their well-being.

To ensure you have enough gym wipes to reap the benefits in terms of keeping your space clean, it is best to order the wipes in bulk.

How to Get Your Customers to Use Gym Wipes


Gym wipes are a great investment for a gym owner and a great purchase for someone who is in charge of managing or operating a gym. Such wipes make it much easier for a gym to be kept clean, for machines to be safe to use, and for customers to be kept happy. When wipes specifically made for gyms are made available, machines can actually be cleaned periodically throughout the day by the customers who are using the equipment.  This allows you to ensure that your gym is always looking good and that your equipment is ready to use.

If you are providing gym wipes, however, this alone may not be enough to get all of the benefits associated with their use. In order for gym wipes to be useful in keeping the machines safe and the gym clean, the bulk of your customers will actually need to be able to use the wipes regularly and will need to be interested in doing so. So what can you do to make this the norm at your gym?

How to Get Your Customers to Use Gym Wipes

Getting your customers to use gym wipes should be a simple proposition because the use of the wipes will benefit them significantly.  However, if you do not take the right steps, your customers may find it more difficult than it is worth to make use of the gym wipes or your customers may simply be unaware that the wipes are available to them.

To help encourage your customers to use sanitizing wipes, there are a variety of different things that you should consider doing:

• Have ample wipes available and conveniently located. People are not going to want to have to walk half way across the gym in order to pick up a gym wipe and wipe down a machine that they have used. You need to make sure that the gym wipes are readily available at various locations throughout your gym where equipment would need to be wiped off or where wipes would otherwise be necessary. The closer the wipes are to the machines and the easier it is for customers to grab one, the more likely it is that gym wipes will be used regularly by the patrons who frequent your gym.
• Make sure the wipes are easily accessible. People want to just be able to grab a wipe, wipe down the machine and move on. They do not want to have to spend time opening complicated packaging or struggling to get a wipe out. As such, you need to make sure that the wipes are in a dispenser that works well and that your customers can grab quickly.
• Post reminders. A simple sign reminding people to wipe down machines can be an effective way to increase the number of people who use gym wipes. Customers shouldn’t mind the reminder because a cleaner space benefits everyone.  Putting the wipes in a central location where patrons can see them will also serve as a simple reminder that the wipes are there, available and ready to be used.

By following these simple tips, you should be able to easily get most of the patrons in your gym to make proper use of the wipes that you provide.

Gym Wipes Q & A

Gym wipes are a great purchase that you can make to improve customer service and to make your gym a cleaner and nicer place for customers to be. However, many gym owners do not fully understand the benefits of gym wipes and are not sure about whether switching to gym wipes is a good answer or not. The reality is that gym wipes have many advantages over other alternatives and the more you learn about these products, the more convinced you will become that you should have gym wipes in your gym.

The Questions and Answers

When learning about gym wipes and making the choice about whether to offer gym wipes are not, here are a few answers to some of the most common questions that may come up:


1. If I am currently offering cleaner in a spray bottle and paper towels are available to patrons, why would gym wipes be a better choice?

Many gyms have spray cleaner and paper towels available, but people do not necessarily use them.  You want to make sure that the process of cleaning off gym machines is as easy as it can be, and gym wipes do that. Gym wipes have the right amount of moisture and cleaner on them for every use, and they are disposable after every use so you eliminate the potential risks of cross contamination. Gym wipes are also easy to grab and make it very simple for people to wipe down equipment. This will increase the chances that people are going to use gym wipes and that the wipes will be effective for use in keeping gym equipment clean.

2. Why should I add gym wipes to my space when I don’t use them now and customers haven’t complained?

People have become increasingly health conscious in recent years and there have been some high profile health scares with problems such as Swine Flu. You want to be sure that you are offering a safe and pleasant environment for all of your customers in order to keep them happy.

Customers may not specifically complain if they don’t have gym wipes available, but they may just opt to quietly switch to another gym that cares more about cleanliness. New potential clients may also be discouraged from joining your gym if it doesn’t seem clean, but they won’t necessarily tell you why. You don’t want to take the chance of having your customers feel as if the gym is unclean, especially when it is so easy to solve this problem by having gym wipes available in your space.
3. How can I encourage customers to actually use gym wipes if I make them available?

The easiest way to get customers to use gym wipes is to put dispensers in convenient locations throughout the gym space. People will see them and be reminded that they should clean the equipment. It will be easy for customers to grab a wipe and wipe the machine down and everyone will be happier because the gym is a cleaner and safer space.

Top Reasons to Get Gym Wipes

If you own, operate or manage a gym, then you know there are a lot of things to think about when it comes to keeping your clients happy and keeping things running smoothly. One of the things that you need to do is purchase products that will make your gym space as functional as it can be. There are lots of products both big and small that you might need, and one of the items that may be on your list is gym wipes.

Why Get Gym Wipes

There are a lot of reasons why gym owners or managers should make sure that gym wipes are on their supply list. Some of those reasons include the following:

• Gym wipes help to keep clients happy. People using the gym want to be able to make use of whatever equipment they need to complete their workout. They also want to make sure that equipment is clean, in good condition and ready-to-go so they don’t have to touch equipment that is dirty and sweaty. Gym wipes give clients the control over making sure that the machines they use are clean.  This can help your clients to enjoy their workout experience more and can make them happier customers.
• Gym wipes help to keep your equipment safe. When equipment is used and not wiped off, germs can spread and your clients can become sick. Not only that but equipment that is sweaty can be slippery and dangerous to use and people could get hurt. When equipment can be easily wiped off in between each use, this will avoid the issues of germs and the potential risk of a fall or injury due to slippery equipment.
• Gym wipes can help to keep your gym clean.  It is not possible or practical to have cleaning staff available at all times to wipe off equipment when it is used and dirty. With gym wipes, you do not have to worry about this issue because clients and customers who are using the equipment can contribute to keeping the space clean. Gym wipes ensure that equipment is wiped regularly and in good shape until you can have your cleaning staff do a regularly-scheduled thorough cleaning of the whole area.
• Gym wipes are practical. Gym wipes are compact and easy to order, store and use. You can locate gym wipes at several locations throughout your gym so that they are easy for customers and clientele to access where they need them. Gym wipes purchased in bulk and kept in appropriate containers don’t take up a lot of space and are very convenient to grab and use when needed.
• Gym wipes are affordable. Again, when buying in bulk, you can purchase gym wipes for a low cost. The investment in gym wipes is well worth it given the many advantages that come with using this product.

These are all some of the many reasons why gym wipes are a wise choice for gym owners, operators and managers. Purchase gym wipes for your space today to begin enjoying the benefits.

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