Sanitizing Wipes Can Be Better Than Hand Washing

The spread of germs, bacteria and viruses is always a concern, especially during cold and flu season.  When you run a business, whether it is a retail business that is open to the public or an office or industrial environment where only workers go, you know that you are likely to face at least some employees getting sick and taking time off during cold and flu season.  Unfortunately, in some cases, one sick worker can spread the virus or bacteria around the whole office and create a virtual epidemic that significantly interferes with productivity.

Because of the dangers of spreading germs and bacteria around a workplace, it is important for employees and guests to your business to keep their hands clean.  There are two primary ways that people can do this: they can regularly wash their hands or they can use sanitizing wipes on a regular basis.

Sanitizing Wipes Can Be Better Than Hand Washing

Hand washing is one way that people can remove bacteria and germs, but it is not necessarily the best way. First, hand washing can be inconvenient. You need to have both soap and water available in order to wash your hands, and employees don’t typically have that at their desks. This means that an employee who wants to clean off his hands would need to leave the office area or main workspace and go in search of a sink. This isn’t always possible, especially if the employee works in a service position and needs to be regularly available to answer the phone or great customers in person. Stepping away from the desk to wash the hands all the time is not going to be very easy for people in these types of jobs.

When people do go and wash their hands, they also may not be killing all of the organisms that are on their skin. Many people don’t wash their hands for long enough or don’t use enough soap or achieve enough of a lather to make sure that they have truly cleaned off all of the things on their hands that could make them sick. Employees who are busy at work and who want to get back to their desk will rarely wash their hands for a sufficient length of time to avoid making himself and others ill.

Sanitizing wipes eliminate a lot of these problems. The wipes can kill a very large percentage of viruses, bacteria and other unwanted organisms, which is more than a quick hand wash will do. Not only that, but the wipes are readily and easily accessible anywhere and don’t require water. If you put sanitizing wipes out at various locations throughout your office or retail environment, people will be able to access them when they need them and will be much more likely to regularly wipe their hands clean.

By providing sanitizing wipes, you can thus encourage sanitary practices that help your employees to avoid getting sick and that contain the spread of any viruses or bacteria that come into your office. This can make your workspace more productive as you won’t have a lot of employees calling in sick during the flu season.